BreakFree Rev.2 CPU Delid Tool

Improve the contact between the integrated heat spreader (IHS) and the die for a significant boost in cooling.

Smooth Operation

A rotational force is applied to safely and securely separate the IHS from the PCB. The force is distributed evenly across all sides. A low-friction nylon bolt is used to reduce the effort involved.

Robust Build

Casted from polyurethane resin using CNC machined molds. The strong and durable metal thread insert supports frequent use.

Supported CPUs

Fits Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Devil’s Canyon, Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs. Broadwell is not supported.

Tool required

A 5mm hex key is not included.

Worldwide shipping

Delivered directly from our workshop in Finland. Orders are shipped by regular mail within 24 hours of payment being received.

Worldwide shipping

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The IHS of Ivy Bridge differs in several dimensions. The extended option comes with two center components.

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Standard Legacy Extended
Ivy Bridge
Devil’s Canyon
Kaby Lake  
This product is no longer being produced

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  • The Pentium was easily delidded. With this tool, you surely dare to delid more expensive CPUs too.

    Quoted from MuroBBS Forum
  • I also got the tool in question and kudos for the dimensional accuracy and the implementation.

    Quoted from MuroBBS Forum
  • An extremely easy and fast delid process - without the fear of breaking the CPU. I can recommend this to anyone in search of lower CPU temperatures.

    Quoted from MuroBBS Forum
  • I am shocked at how incredibly well it worked.

    Quoted from Forum

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We think we built a safe and accurate tool. It has been tested extensively by us and is currently used by many users around the world with a 100% success rate. That said, use it at your own risk. We take no responsibility or liability for any damage resulting from its use.



Insert the CPU into position so that the golden arrow matches the corresponding marking on the main unit.


Place the center part so that it sits flush with the main unit.


Use a 5mm hex key to tighten the bolt on the side until no resistance is felt.


Back off the bolt, then rotate the center part counter-clockwise and lift it off.



Scrape off the rubbery adhesive residue with a credit card (or something similar) from the IHS and the PCB and use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning.


Apply TIM on the die. Liquid metal produces the best results.


While pushing down the socket lever, press on the IHS to prevent it from shifting.

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